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"A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it is build for"

Albert Einstein

"Riet Lenaerts is a colleague of the former School for NLP. She has a tremendous strong positive attitude towards life. Everywhere she shows up, she evokes wise laughter and happiness. She is a very competent personal coach, gracefully helping people in life challenging situations. She also connects with deeper vibrations of life and because of that her professional work is enriched with a deeper layer of meaning."

Rudy Vandamme - Trainer Corporate activist & wicked skills at HRD Academy



"We had an inspiring weeklong seminar/retreat in France with Riet and her husband Jos. Riet is an expert in personal coaching, combining timeless wisdom (Toltec Four Agreements) with practical life skills. Riet also introduced us to the art of interfacing with horses."

Bernard Lernout  - Founder at castello Da Vinci

"Je kan een groot scala van klanten aan. De reden is dat één van jouw grootste talenten eruit bestaat dat je snel kan schakelen van het niveau van heel diep bewustzijn, dat is je sjamanenstuk, naar het niveau van heel pragmatisch en down to earth. Je maakt daardoor een goede aansluiting met 'doeners' en met jong geweld' maar tegelijkertijd kan je ook hoger bewustzijn of groei op dat niveau heel down to earth maken.''

Katrien Rommens (Team Coach - Facilitator - Space Keeper - Critical Friend at Mikondo)

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